Chimpanzee Conservation Center

About This Project

logo-ppfThe Chimpanzee Conservation Center is a sanctuary created in 1997 in Guinea, in the Haut Niger National Park, to cope with the emergency situation in which the chimpanzee populations found themselves.
The objective is threefold:
– collect orphaned chimpanzees, victims of poaching and illegal trafficking in live animals
– release them after rehabilitation
– raise awareness to fight against trafficking.

Currently more than 60 chimpanzees live in this sanctuary, others have already been successfully released!

This center is notably supported by the Primates France Project, a 1901 law association aimed at supporting this center and raising awareness of the threats encountered by great apes and biodiversity in general. It is through it that La Barben Zoo and Ecofaune have supported this program since 2016.

More information here (in French).

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