Cuvier’s dwarf caïman

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The smallest of the crocodile species!

This species was only discovered quite recently, and observing it is difficult since it is a solitary animal, very discreet and timid.
The Cuvier’s dwarf caiman hunts at night, feeding on small animals such as frogs, snails, crabs, birds, reptiles and small mammals.

Latin name: Paleosuchus palpebrosus
Class: Reptilia
Order: Crocodylia
Family: Alligatoridae
Size: up to 1.6 m long
Weight: 20 kg
Lifespan: 60 years in captivity
Reproduction : oviparous
Incubation: 3 months
Number of eggs: 10-25
Habitat: fresh water
Diet: carnivorous, piscivorous
Distribution: South America, from Colombia to south of Brasil
Conservation status: least concern