Indonesian gibbons – Association Kalaweit

About This Project

logo_kalaweit-DEFThe forests of Indonesia are home to a rich and diverse array of wildlife, including gibbons.
But these animals are being threatened by massive deforestation to clear land for planting oil palms: every minute, the equivalent of four football pitches is being destroyed!
In 1998, Chanee, a young Frenchman, set up Kalaweit, a charity helping the gibbons of Indonesia and their forest.
This major conservation project has put in place a number of programmes to help these threatened animals:

  • rescuing captive gibbons and other animals in danger, with the aim of returning them to the wild following rehabilitation
  • creating reserves
  • managing reserves that have little or no protection
  • setting up a radio station to raise awareness among the human population of the need to protect the environment…

The association is now caring for 400 gibbons, managing two rescue centres and protecting 1000 hectares of forest, involving the local population and international volunteers at every level.

La Barben zoo has supported this programme since 2011, including projects such as the purchase of hectares of land for a reserve, the reintroduction of gibbons…

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