About This Project

The lion is the only feline to live in a group or pride, composed of one male, 2 to 6 females and their cubs. Roles are defined: the females hunt and look after the cubs, while the male defends the territory and the pride. Fights between males to take control of a group of females are violent, often deadly! The females generally all give birth at the same time so that care of the cubs can be shared.
Lions are becoming rare, threatened by persecution and the disappearance of their habitat and their prey.

At La Barben zoo we have one male and one female. They have been able to maintain the rhythm of African life and are quite active at the beginning and the end of the day, so they don’t get tired during the midday heat!

Latin name: Panthera leo
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Size: 1 – 1.2 m tall, 2.4 – 3 m long
Weight: 125 – 250 kg
Lifespan: 14 years
Gestation: 3.5 months
Number of young: 1-6
Habitat: savannah
Diet: carnivorous
Distribution: sub-Saharan Africa and the Gir forest in India.
Conservation status: vulnerable