Striped hyena

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Unloved… but useful

Hyenas are powerful animals, easily recognisable by their resemblance to dogs, their downward sloping backs and their large jaws, strong enough to break bones. Less well-known than the spotted hyena, the striped hyena is quite a secretive animal. It sleeps alone or in small family groups in its den, but hunts by itself. Its main food is carrion but it will also eat prey, fruit, plants and even rubbish!
Sadly, hyenas are persecuted, owing to the mistaken belief that they rob graves and steal children. They are also suffering from a reduction in the amount of carrion. They are gradually disappearing, and yet they play a very important health role, disposing of carrion and waste, sources of disease!

A couple lives at the zoo, who successfully bred a first litter in 2016. It is a very beautiful event, because there are generally only one or two litters per year in European zoos… Lets’ hope that there will be other births!
It evolves in 3 parks linked to each other. Thus, each individual can have their own space!

Latin name: Hyaena hyaena
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Hyaenidae
Size: h= 65-80 L=1 m
Weight: 25-45 30-
Lifespan: 24 years
Gestation: 90 days
Number of young: (1-6) 1-4
Habitat: savannah/desert/mountains
Diet: carrion, carnivorous, frugivorous
Distribution: North and East Africa, Middle East, Asia
Conservation status: near threatened