To bring our own actions into line with the message we give to our visitors, we have made some changes to our internal policies to limit our impact on the planet.

Cutting waste

Composting plant waste, selective sorting, a collection point for mobile phones and printer cartridges, using biodegradable disposable crockery in the café, printing documents on printers with the Imprim’vert eco-label…

Reducing energy consumption

Using electric vehicles and bicycles, reducing the number of appliances left on standby, prioritising local suppliers…

Promoting local biodiversity

Not using pesticides (weeding is done entirely by hand!) or chemical fertilisers, putting up nestboxes, batboxes and insect hotels, sowing flower meadows to attract pollinating insects, putting in local plants with berries that birds like eating…


In addition, our zoo is working hard to protect wildlife through its charity Ecofaune, created to support programmes protecting animals in their natural habitat.

Recycle your mobile phones… Bring them to the zoo!

The zoo collects your old mobile phones (with battery), and recycles them. This means new phones can be manufactured without taking raw materials from the natural environment. In addition, for each phone recycled, the collection company makes a donation to Ecofaune, our charity that finances animal protection programmes!